About Bob Patin

Bob Patin has been passionate about the piano since he was 5 years old. One of his childhood dreams was to work in recording studios; another was to perform on stages in front of large crowds. Still another was to get the chance to play with great musicians.

Bob has realized all of these dreams countless times; while living in Nashville for 34 years, he was part of thousands of recording sessions, played with some of the finest musicians in the world; he's played for crowds as large as 90,000 people, played in 49 of 50 states, toured the world as a professional musician; he's played on stage, on national TV or in the studio with hundreds of well-known recording artists over the years; his CDs have been bought by listeners from 5 continents.

Bob started playing jazz piano when he was a teenager; after listening to blues for several years, he discovered jazz and found his musical place in the universe. His earliest influences included Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, Herbie Hancock, Oscar Peterson, George Shearing, Les McCann, Ramsey Lewis, Professor Longhair, Mose Allison and most of all, Bill Evans, who remains his greatest influence.

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Jam Night House Band @ The Elephant Room
09:30 PM
The Elephant Room
315 Congress Ave., Austin, TX
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1972 - 1981

College Years

Bob got a music degree in 1978 from McNeese State University, then studied for his Master's in jazz studies at North Texas State University in Denton, Texas, played in the NTSU Lab Bands and working in clubs all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It was during this time that he also played his first large concerts, with Dallas-based country artist Ray Price.

1979 - 1990

As a Touring Musician

In late 1979, Bob auditioned for a job as keyboardist for country artist Ray Price; interestingly, he auditioned early that day, then drove back to Denton to hear his favorite jazz pianist Bill Evans play that night at North Texas State.

Bob remained with Ray until mid-1981, when he was called to join [guitarist, actor and recording artist] Jerry Reed's band in Nashville; in a few months he had left Denton for Nashville, a destination he hadn't foreseen.

For the first nine years in Nashville, Bob traveled on the road with various artists, most notably The Everly Brothers, Crystal Gayle, Jerry Reed, and Ray Price. He also played onstage with lots of other artists, including The Beach Boys, Willie Nelson, Leon Russell, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, jazz trombonist Bill Watrous, Marty Stuart, Dolly Parton, Glen Campbell, Alabama, Vince Gill, Loretta Lynn and many others.

Everly Brothers, 2000; Willie Nelson, 1981
Jerry Reed, 1984
Crystal Gayle, 1988; Ray Price, 1980; me, 1984
1981 - 2003

As a Studio Musician

In 1990, Bob quit working on the road to work as a studio musician, but continued to tour with the Everly Brothers from time to time. He has played on thousands of recording sessions in Nashville and Muscle Shoals, including albums by Alabama, Sawyer Brown, Mel Tillis, Jerry Reed, Ray Price, Pam Tillis, Crystal Gayle, Marty Raybon (Shenandoah), Russell Smith (Amazing Rhythm Aces) and many others.

Bob has released 14 CDs under his own name, including "Singularity" and "Because," which were released in 2016.

1986 - present

As a Computer Consultant

Bob bought his first computer in 1984 (a Commodore 64) and found a new passion; he taught himself to write software for the C-64, then for a couple of little Tandy portables.

He then taught himself to write software for the Apple Macintosh starting in 1985 on a Mac Plus, including an application for creating studio tracksheets that was used by engineers all over the country, including Bruce Swedien, who engineered Michael Jackson's Thriller and other of his albums for Quincy Jones.

In 1986 he founded Longterm Solutions, a computer consulting and hosting company. Longterm Solutions hosts FileMaker databases and websites for hundreds of clients worldwide, and provides other Internet-related services as well; Bob also writes custom solutions for clients, both for the web and for use in office networks.

These Days

Life in Austin

Rarely does a day go by when Bob doesn't spend some time sitting at his piano, learning a new tune, picking a favorite from the list that has been on his piano for more than 30 years.

These days, you'll find him compiling a list of songs for his next recording project in 2018; favorites make the list, then get replaced by others; picking songs is one of his favorite parts of a recording project.

Bob's new Austin jazz group Standard Fare plays live at the world-famous Elephant Room in Austin (315 Congress Avenue, Austin) on a regular basis; you can find the club's schedule here.

On most Monday nights you'll find him at the Elephant Room, either in the house band or sitting in with whomever happens to be there that night. Sitting in is a time-honored tradition among musicians; Bob likes the fact that he can sit and play, get his ya-yas out, and then go home to Mary.





Jam Night House Band @ The Elephant Room
09:30 PM
The Elephant Room
315 Congress Ave., Austin, TX
Admission: FREE
Jon Blondell Quintet @ The Elephant Room
09:30 PM
The Elephant Room
315 Congress Ave., Austin, TX
South by Southwest
Admission: FREE




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